Emerge is a caucus of NYC-DSA members building a red New York City.

The world is ours, but it has been stolen.

Long past our collective struggle to win ‘eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, eight hours for what we will,’ we find now that this bare minimum for a decent life is a distant memory. We wake up early, wait for slow trains on crumbling tracks to drag us tired from our cramped and overpriced apartments to a long day of undignified and unfulfilling work. We give ourselves and all of our potential for wages that do not rise paid by bosses whose compensation has no limit, on shifts of work that stretch longer and longer—all in service to a system that continues to shrink our space, our time, and even the horizon for all life on the planet at an ever escalating pace.

But the world is still ours—we built it and shaped it, everything there is, with our sweat, our hands, and our lives—and we’re going to take it back. We’re going to start where we live, going building by building, block by block, from every office floor to every kitchen. We are going to break and build this city until it’s remade for, by, and with the working class: a Red New York.