The Emerge Slate For Central Brooklyn SC+CLC

Who We Are

NYC-DSA has become a powerhouse in New York politics and we are by far the largest chapter of DSA, representing about 10% of national membership. However, our rate of active membership is low and our complex internal structure can be hard to navigate for new members. To deepen & sustain our movement, our internal politics must be open, transparent, and accessible to all members. We must strengthen the relationships between the branches, working groups, and citywide leadership bodies in order to increase communication and collaboration between the three.

We are a group of organizers who helped DSA grow to its current state and we are running to help Central Brooklyn continue to evolve. Members of our slate have served on CBK, SBK, AND B/UM branch Organizing Committees; led and participated in the Ecosocialist, Healthcare, Socialist Feminist, Debt and Finance, Electoral, Immigrant Justice, Tech Action, Media, and Service Industry Working Groups. We have also worked on the Red Rabbits, Mobilizer Program, Afrosocialist Caucus, and in abolition networks.


For SC

Our Vision: Bring The CLC + SC Into The Branch

A vibrant democratic process requires more than just voting. It requires that our members to understand and engage with the stakes of our democracy—that they not only participate in rich debates but have a hand in shaping the strategy and direction of the chapter itself.

When the CLC + SC vote on proposals and resolutions, setting priorities for chapter resources and work, the decisions should originate not from siloed groups and individuals, but from the collective and generative political discussion of membership facilitated by Delegates with the branch. We believe that by coordinating these discussions effectively between working groups and leadership through the branch, the priorities we develop will create valuable intersections between citywide strategies + campaigns, and their local realization.

To further facilitate a deeper democratic culture that bridges the CBK branch with Chapter Leadership we will:

・ Ensure regular updates about the CLC/SC are sent out to the larger membership—important deadlines, planning discussions, meeting minutes, and overall results of CLC/SC work.
・ Work with the rest of the CLC to develop a proposal tracker accessible to members that will include vote results, bottom-lining volunteers, and updates, as one tool towards creating more transparency and accountability in the CLC.

Our membership should be the strongest voice in directing our politics and strategy. We will work alongside the CBK OC to make the branch a site of democracy that engages everyone in the political development, deliberation, and decision-making that guides our citywide leadership bodies in their work.

Political Priorities


As electoral endorsements are made for city council in 2021, consistent communication between branches, working groups, and leadership will be essential. We want to develop candidates entrenched in movement work and political projects that our working groups, branches, and coalition partners are engaged in. We want CBK members to be empowered to shape the nomination and endorsement processes and to share their experiences as members of the community a candidate represents.

Branch Commission

DSA Culture

Working Group Representation

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