Emerge Projects

DSA Emerge is committed the development of Marxist cadre in our movement. Among other things, this means redoubling our commitment to political education. In that spirit, we programed a series of screenings and discussions on films about the history and promise of global liberation struggles in a series called The Revolution Will Be Streamed

We seek the total abolition of the carceral state, making no allowance for any of its arms: legal, enforcement, legislative, corporate, security, or surveillance. In calling for its abolition, we demand head-on confrontation with the ideology that justifies it and conceals its true function: a machine of domination and political violence developed by the capitalist class. Incarceration and the police—historical and material extensions of slavery that disproportionately target black and brown people—are both products and tools of the capitalist state. In our struggle to defeat capitalism, we must fight for their abolition within New York City and for a world where such forms of domination are no longer possible.

Building what became Emerge, as well as its continued (re)development, has been a deeply rewarding, collaborative experience. We learned a lot from the process, especially from what we got wrong. We wrote this document to share exactly what we learned, what worked, and what was not viable in hopes that other local Marxist/communist formations can begin situating their efforts on strong political grounds.

In order to recognize the connections between seemingly disparate struggles, we will build our members’ skills, further our political education, and historicize our work and our desire for a better world. Instead of pushing “the correct line,” political development and education should be a non-hierarchical project in which we are all teaching and learning. We are responsible for each other’s growth. Membership development from below is an ongoing process that requires iterative yet accessible trainings that create effective organizers who can reproduce themselves.

Building Capacity To Win: Basebuilding, Member Development, and Branch Sections
Sep 17, 2021

Emerge Presents: Asad Haider on Communist Politics In Our Time
Jan 28, 2021

Party & Bullshit: A Discussion on the Future of Our Organizing between Emerge & Red Star (8/2/20)
Sep 8, 2020

Work Sucks (I Know!): An Emerge Teach-In w/ Wilson Sherwin
Aug 23, 2020

Mike Davis on the Rebellion for Black Lives, History of Urban Resistance, and the Future of the U.S.
Jul 3, 2020

The Red Wave collective is a group of socialist organizers who came together through our shared membership in the New York City Democratic Socialists of America. We are socialist-feminist, abolitionist, anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, pro-tenant, and pro-worker. Our practical experiences as organizers reflect those values. We’ve participated in strikes, worked on electoral campaigns, organized against new jails and new luxury buildings, created mutual aid networks, executed direct actions, produced socialist media, and helped advocate for new legislation that protects tenants, immigrants, and sex workers. In 2019, four Red Wave members were elected to the Local Station Board of WBAI.

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